The module that saves you time, money and trouble!

Electroquick is a line of compact, electronical modules with many different functions. An effort has been made, to provide a high tech product in a low-cost version, that will be attractive to many customers.

The Electroquicks are modules, that in zero time can be snapped directly onto a standard DIN rail (15mm or 35mm).

The Electroquicks are normally equipped with high quality screw terminals. That allows the user to comfortably and securely wire up the module.

The concept of Electroquick is to bring an intelligent, flexible but still low-cost solution to cusomers who want to be competitive in a changing world.

An advantage with this type of module is, that the development effort and time is very low. Within a couple of days a new version can be created. This can be very interesting to customers who wish special solutions within short time- Electroquick!

These units have the advantage of being flexible in the length. Both short and very long modules can be made.


The Electroquick line is being expanded continually. Prototypes and series may be delivered within short time.

A few functions that are included in the Electroquick concept are: Relays, Optocouplers, Fuses, Protection modules, etc.

If you have a project, where you can see the advantage of using this technology, then don't hesitate to contact us. We are also open for new requests about not yet existing versions.


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